Key to species occuring in New Guinea


Click on image to see large version. Length indicates size range of the species.
Streptocranus bispinus antennal clubStreptocranus bispinus, antennal club.
Streptocranus bispinus declivityStreptocranus bispinus, declivity.
Streptocranus bispinus holotypeStreptocranus bispinus, holotype, length: 2.1 mm.
Streptocranus bispinus holotype topStreptocranus bispinus, holotype top, length: 2.1 mm.
Streptocranus longispinis sideStreptocranus longispinis, side, length: 2.0 mm.
Streptocranus longispinis topStreptocranus longispinis, top, length: 2.0 mm.