Key to species occuring in New Guinea


Click on image to see large version. Length indicates size range of the species.
Xyleborinus andrewesi declivityXyleborinus andrewesi, declivity.
Xyleborinus andrewesi larger form from PNG HighlandsXyleborinus andrewesi, larger form from PNG Highlands, length: 2.2 mm.
Xyleborinus andrewesi sideXyleborinus andrewesi, side, length: 1.7-2.2 mm.
Xyleborinus andrewesi topXyleborinus andrewesi, top, length: 1.7-2.2 mm.
Xyleborinus artestriatus sideXyleborinus artestriatus, side, length: 2.35-2.58 mm.
Xyleborinus artestriatus topXyleborinus artestriatus, top, length: 2.35-2.58 mm.
Xyleborinus exiguus junior synonym Xyleborinus ankius holotypeXyleborinus exiguus, junior synonym Xyleborinus ankius holotype, length: 1.45-2.01 mm.
Xyleborinus exiguusXyleborinus exiguus.
Xyleborinus exiguusXyleborinus exiguus.
Xyleborinus exiguus declivityXyleborinus exiguus, declivity.
Xyleborinus exiguus side2Xyleborinus exiguus, side.
Xyleborinus exiguus topXyleborinus exiguus, top.
Xyleborinus exiguus top2Xyleborinus exiguus, top.
Xyleborinus perpusillus Xyleborinus perpusillus, length: 1.5 mm.
Xyleborinus perpusillus antennaXyleborinus perpusillus, antenna.
Xyleborinus perpusillus sideXyleborinus perpusillus, side, length: 1.5 mm.
Xyleborinus perpusillus topXyleborinus perpusillus, top, length: 1.5 mm.
Xyleborinus saxeseni Xyleborinus saxeseni, length: 2.2 mm.