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The Bark Beetle Academy • Gainesville, FL • May 2018

Do you need bark & ambrosia beetle identification and expertise?

  • Are you a student developing a beetle project?
  • A State or Federal insect identifier?
  • An extension agent in charge of forest pests?
  • A researcher fascinated by bark and ambrosia beetles?

Learn all you need to know from local and international experts: identify beetles, learn how to use keys, understand scolytine morphology, ecology, damage, and classification, find and diagnose beetles in the field, build your own reference collection, and meet the global community of bark beetle researchers.


Distributed Reference Collections

A new paradigm in rapid identification of important species.

There will be thousands of beetles avaiable for your identification practice, but these are special: Each Academy participant will be trained on a curated set of the 36 world's most important and most invasive bark and ambrosia beetles, as well as the most common "false positives." This includes all species on the APHIS Priority Offshore Species List, current and past versions, beetles that are regulated in other countries, or cause notable damage. Each Collection comes with "Identification Primer", a booklet of photographs, characters, and management and biosecurity information.

No museum in the word has all these species together! Participants can keep the collection for $70 added to the registration.



Downloads of past presentations can be available by request.

Registration and Updates

Get ready for the THIRD Bark Beetle Academy! This is the biggest educational, scientific and social event focused on bark and ambrosia beetles. Register and join us to learn more about these important insects and to meet leading bark and ambrosia beetle scientists.

  • directly with specialists
  • ...receive state-of-the art identification and management materials
  • ...participate in hands-on identification practice
  • ...learn how to collect beetles in the field during their peak season in Florida’s Spring
  • ...receive Continuing Education Units from the Society of American Foresters and the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • ...enjoy a high instructor/student ratio

The 2018 Academy is now full.

There may be cancellations, so you are invited to sign up to the wait list.


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