Anisandrus ursa, Streptocranus bispinus, Diuncus duodecimspinatus, Pseudowebbia squamatilis, Eccoptopterus spinosus

Xyleborini ambrosia beetles of New Guinea: a taxonomic monograph

On-line keys and images

Jiri Hulcr, Ph. D.   
School of Forest Resources and Conservation • University of Florida • Gainesville, FL
supported by NSF-PEET DEB-0328920 to Anthony I. Cognato, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University

     The taxonomic monograph will soon be published within the Thomas Say series of the Entomological Society of America. Please stay tuned!

     Key to genera here

     Images and keys to species:

         Xyleborus s. str.
         Xyleborus s. l.

     How to use Lucid multi-entry Keys

         Lucid 3 Key requires updated Java!
         1) In the field Features available expand the features you would like to use and check the character state that fits your specimen.
         2) In the field Entities remaining, the list of taxa will be progressively eliminated as you check more characters until one last taxon remains.
         3) Use the Calculate Best button to have the key suggest the optimal next character.
         4) In the field Features chosen you can correct any of your previous choices.